Ranbir Kapoor recomends Nargis Fakhri for 'Heer Ranjha

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ranbir Kapoor recomends Nargis Fakhri for 'Heer Ranjha': Ranbir Kapoor is apparently so enamoured of Nargis Fakhri -- his Rockstar heroine -- that he is recommending her to Bollywood producers.

We hear Ranbir has asked producer Sajid Nadiadwala to sign Nargis opposite him in the film Heer Ranjha, which, as the title suggests will be an epic love story starring Ranbir as Ranjha. Even as the hunt is on the girl who will play Heer, Ranbir has already set his mind on the lissom stunner from the US.

Ranbir and Nargis bonded well during the filming of Ashtavinayak’s Rockstar, but she may not be able to team up with Ranbir for Heer Ranjha as she is bound by a three-film contract with the production house. Which means, that Nargis is not legally permitted to sign Nadiadwala’s film.

The buzz also has it that Nadiadwala is trying to negotiate with Ashtavinayak to free Nargis for his production, but whether the production house will make a legal exception for Nargis still remains to be seen


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